Despite its appearance in countless headlines, conference titles, videos, tweets and policy papers, “AI” is a slippery, transient term with varying definitions. To many scientists, engineers and tech entrepreneurs, “AI” represents opportunity. But to everyday people, the term connotes uncertainty and fear. Stuck between these two, policy makers struggle to build regulatory frameworks as a middle ground. 

Right now, as public discourse around AI is being shaped, as the technologies and regulations that will drive and frame it are being created, the 2019 DWIH Future Forum convenes AI decision makers to discuss:

  • What is the impact of AI today?
  • Who in benefiting? And who isn’t?
  • How can we shape a constructive future?

Our goal is to provide concrete strategies and solutions to DEMYSTIFY AI.

Join us November 17-18 in New York City, the middle point between Silicon Valley and Germany, the hub of American cultural influence and the capital of the global economy, to explore the future of AI, an uncharted territory increasingly mapped onto our everyday.

The 2019 DWIH Future Forum is the first installment of what is intended to become an annual conference on a pressing issue of science, technology and society by the DWIH New York.

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