Future Forum: Building Biopolis


Over half of the world’s population already lives in cities, and by 2050 that fraction is anticipated to reach two-thirds. Cities are responsible for over 65% of global energy consumption and more than 70% of carbon emissions. At the same time, as centers of education, research and entrepreneurship, cities are vital in the creation of innovative solutions to combat climate change. In the words of UN Secretary General António Guterres: “Cities are where the climate battle will largely be won or lost.”

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Who’s Invited

The second annual Future Forum brings together Germans and Americans to exchange their expertise and experiences with Cities & Climate. From academia, industry, policy, journalism and activism, transatlantic leaders will convene live for the digital conference to inform and collaborate, build networks and partnerships and gain new perspectives.

Focus Topics

Join the DWIH, the German Consulate General Chicago, German-American Chamber of Commerce and a number of American universities and institutions as they investigate urban sustainability solutions in the fields of:

– Transportation
– Energy
– Infrastructure
– Industry

The Future Forum

First hosted in 2019 on the topic of A.I., the DWIH Future Forum annually investigates a pressing question in science and technology. The Future Forum: Cities & Climate promises innovative presentation formats like the Oxford Debate, Fishbowl Conversation, TED Talks and active workshops for its second year of exciting programming.

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