Annual Report 2022

DWIH New York looks at unique aspects of sustainability while also bolstering science diplomacy as a priority issue.

Benedikt Brisch © DAAD/Ambika Singh

“Germany’s image in the field of entrepreneurship has seen a positive change”

Benedikt Brisch, Director of DWIH New York, on a dynamic year in 2022 and the latest developments in transatlantic cooperation.


Seminar bei DWIH New York © DWIH New York

In focus: The work of the DWIH New York in 2022

The massive investment programs launched in the U.S. in 2022 created a momentum that was clearly felt in transatlantic dialog in the area of science and innovation, too. At the DWIH New York, the topics addressed ranged from innovations in the field of climate action to strengthening start-up culture.


Expertenfrühstück „Science Diplomacy" © DWIH New York
Spotlight DWIH New York

Promoting science, strengthening democracy

Global crises in particular reveal the enormous potential offered by closer cooperation between science and diplomacy. At the end of November 2022, the DWIH New York brought together stakeholders from both areas for an intense network meeting.


Central Park New York © Antonio Lopez/

Five facts relating to the DWIH focus topic “Sustainable Innovations”

Monitoring, construction measures, start-ups: sustainable new developments are promoted in a variety of ways in New York.


Video portrait

The DWIH New York team

The people at the German Center for Research and Innovation in New York introduce themselves and their work.


Common Annual Report DWIH-Network

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