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Here you will find the latest press clippings about the DWIH New York as well as our annual reports.

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Last Year at the DWIH NY

A workshop from the FUTURE FORUM: Building Biopolis.

Our work in 2020 focused on cities as hubs of innovation, bridges of cultures and bases for business and exchange. Following our focus topic of cities and climate change, the five DWIHs worldwide investigated the global climate crisis from four continents and urban perspectives. Check out our work and collaborations in our annual report below.

Interactive Pageflow Report



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A workshop during the Future Forum: Demystify A.I.

Our 2019 Annual Report focuses on networks, both in machine learning, as we investigate our focus topic of artificial intelligence, and in the global collaborative networks fostered by the five DWIHs worldwide. Cruise through our interactive pageflow Annual Report or flip the pages by downloading our PDF [pdf, 14.38 MB].


From our October 2018 event on the Future of XR

We took a close look at work in 2018, exploring the future of work in our annual topic “Working Innovatively in a Digital World.” Check out our work and the work of the other German Centers for Research and Innovation in our interactive pageflow Annual Report or download our classic PDF version [pdf, 9.51 MB].

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