Impactful Storytelling for Innovators & Disruptors

2022 Storytelling Workshops

Join us in May for a three-part workshop on storytelling for innovators. Let us introduce you to the history of great storytelling, how stories “stick” and why disruptive and innovative ideas, products, and services require a different kind of story to succeed.


Each session is 90 minutes and will be held on Webex Meetings. The workshop sessions are cumulative and participants should try and attend all three. Participation is limited, so reserve your spot by registering today!

Session 1, May 11th: Story Mining
Telling a great story begins with digging deep into our personal, professional, and emotional experiences to find stories from our lives that have meaning for the message we’re trying to convey. This workshop will show you how to find the right story, pair it with the theme you’re trying to convey, and how to take a personal experience to a professional setting that gets people aligned and engaged.

Session 2, May 18th: Story Crafting
Once you have your story in mind, it’s time to learn how to build a story with a character that matters, a beginning, middle and end, and what it intends to teach or illuminate for the listener. You’ll complete this workshop with a story spine that you can build into a full story.

Session 3, May 25th: Story Sharing
The final step is determining the format – email, meeting, 1:1, town hall or a written document and how you’ll share it with your audience for maximum impact. We’ll refine your story for the medium and hear you and your colleagues deliver them to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend all three sessions?

Ideally yes! The three workshops are intended to build upon one another and give you a full overview of different storytelling practices. We ask that you only register if you plan on attending all three sessions.

Do I have to prepare a story to participate?

No preparation is required. Susan will guide you through the steps of crafting your personal story or pitch, which you’ll be invited to share in small groups. Participants will be assigned a breakout room and active participation is expected.

What's the cost of attending?

This workshop is free to all registered participants! Costs are covered by the DWIH NY.

I tried to register, but the event says no more spots are available. Can I still attend?

To maximize time for discussion and exchange, the workshop size is limited to 25 participants. You can sign up for a waitlist. In the case that people drop out of the workshop individuals on the waitlist will be notified based on when they signed up.

For issues with registration, contact our team at

Event Information

May 11 to 25, 2022

Organizer(s): DWIH New York

Susan Lindner
Susan Lindner is the Founder and CEO of Innovation Storytellers, a leading innovation storytelling consulting firm. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, workshop leader, messaging strategist, storytelling coach, and the world’s leading expert on innovation storytelling. Susan speaks at global conferences, consulates, and trade organizations. She has worked with C-level leaders and teams from over 60 countries at Fortune 100 companies like GE, Corning, Citi, AT&T, Arm & Hammer on their innovation storytelling strategies. The result? Those innovation leaders become incredible storytellers who go on to change the world. Susan is driven to ensure every breakthrough idea reaches its finish line through powerful stories that connect to every listener and power that brilliant idea forward.
Susan Lindner, Speaker, Founder and CEO of Innovation Storytellers