Young Talents, New Formats: An Update from Uni-Freiburg’s Clusters of Excellence

Young Talents, New Format - Event poster © University of Freiburg

The University of Freiburg is pleased to offer a second in-person event to connect their alumni and partner community with the latest research at the university as they welcome representatives from the University of Freiburg’s clusters of excellence.

Event Information

March 4, 2024, 5:45 PM to 7:30 PM

American Council on Germany
Organizer(s): University of Freiburg Liaison Office North America, American Council on Germany, DWIH New York

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These include the Brain Links-Brain Tools/Intelligent Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology; Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems (livMatS); and Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies (CIBSS) Clusters of Excellence. This was an informal reception to get to learn more about cutting-edge research taking place at the university – especially from our promising young talent. The clusters are especially relevant as the university looks to the upcoming Excellence Competition (in which Uni-Freiburg recently achieved a notable first step). A casual dinner was provided.

Representatives from the University of Freiburg:

  • Dr. Dengfeng Huang, Coordinator of Early Career Programs, CIBSS
  • Laura Mahoney, Studio Writer & EDI Rep, livMatS
  • Sabrina Livanec, Project Lead, NEXUS Experiments, BrainLinks/BrainTools
  • Yuna Liu, Project Manager, BrainLinks/BrainTools

Thank you to our supporting partners, the American Council on Germany and the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York.