Malizia My Ocean Challenge - New York Activation Event

Poster Malizia #Myoceanchallenge Saturday, May 18, 2024

Together with the co-hosts University of Cologne NY Office, Deutsche Sprachschule NY at UNIS, ZfA, Forum Deutsch, and DWIH New York, Team Malizia organized an interactive ‘My Ocean Challenge’ event for German speaking children in New York on Saturday May 18th. The event took place in the context of the Transatlantic Lorient-New York sailing race where recent German Cross of Merit recipient Boris Herrmann participated to prepare for his second Vendée Globe in Autumn 2024, circumnavigating the world alone in his Malizia-seaexplorer racing yacht.

Event Information

May 18, 2024, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

United Nations International School, 24-50 FDR Drive, NY, NY 10010
Organizer(s): University of Cologne NY Office, Deutsche Sprachschule NY at UNIS, ZfA, Forum Deutsch, DWIH New York, and Team Malizia

The event consisted of an interactive interview by Birte Lorenzen-Herrmann with University of Cologne alumnus and Columbia University scientist Jannik Martens, a quiz, and an artwork-project.

The program, founded in 2018 by Boris Herrmann and Birte Lorenzen-Herrmann, aims to engage 8-14 year old school children in the world of our Ocean, the challenges we face due to climate change, and to jointly discuss solutions to which each of us can contribute. The overall goal is to create awareness and activate behavioral change concerning climate change challenges. Our program has a strong focus on CO2, what it is, where it goes, how it impacts the Ocean and our ecosystems, and what we can do to mitigate its emissions.

The goals align with the UN Sustainable Goals, especially with:
● SDG 4 Quality Education
● SDG 13 Climate Action
● SDG 14 Life below Water

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