Employability (made) in Germany

Inside the German-American Career Landscape

Join our dynamic panel, during which a range of academic experts and German business leaders in the U.S. discuss opportunities for those interested in academic exchanges for careers at U.S.-based German companies. We invite students, alumni and U.S-based German businesses as well as interested parties to join us for the event. The event will conclude with an informal networking reception.

A list of attending panelists and more details will be released soon.

Event Information

October 18, 2019, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Pittsburgh, PA
Organizer(s): UAS7, University of Pittsburgh, Muenster University of Applied Sciences, German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH NY)

The series

The UAS7 — an alliance of seven German universities of applied science — is celebrating the “Year of German-American Friendship,” or “Deutschlandjahr 2018/19,” by bringing its unique expertise in applied science education to five universities across the US to strengthen and promote opportunities for working and studying in Germany.

Under the headline “Employability (made) in Germany,” UAS7, its member universities of applied sciences and its partners in the U.S. will hold events that showcase Germany’s expertise in the fields of university-industry collaborations, dual-study programs, apprenticeships, and educational concepts of applied teaching and research. The project aims to strengthen current transatlantic relationships with universities and industry partners and establish new collaborations by offering sustainable study, internship and work opportunities to excellent engineering and business students from both sides of the Atlantic.

Various formal and informal programs will provide information on career paths at German companies operating in the US and opportunities for study, internships, research and careers in Germany for US students, researchers and alumni.


O’Hara Student Center

Address: University of Pittsburgh 4024 O'Hara St Pittsburgh, PA 15213