Science Storytelling Workshop

Science & story. Two words that seem contradictory. Though everyone has a story to tell, scientists, innovators and researchers who lay the groundwork for discoveries don’t often think of themselves as storytellers. In reality, their stories are some of the most interesting and consequential.

Event Recording

Event Recording

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Join us for a free, 2-hour workshop on science storytelling! In an interactive format, you will gain insights on what science storytelling is, practice tools to communicate your innovation story and begin the work of drafting it.

In the era of mass information, Zoom fatigue and aided on by the slew of new presentation tools, Powerpoint slides just aren’t cutting it anymore. We’re combining the oldest human tradition, storytelling, with the latest developments in science, technology and innovation.

In a 2-hour workshop hosted at 10 AM EDT on June 15, Solène Wolff, Berlin-based science communicator and co-creator of Highvisioned, will lead 60 participants through a free, hands-on workshop explaining science storytelling and equipping you with the skills and resources you’ll need to package your work into emotional stories that resonate with and engage audiences and make your work more impactful.

This workshop kicks off the SSX, Science Story Exchange, a new digital event series focusing on German and American stories of innovation.

Your Questions Answered

Why storytelling?

Research shows that data and facts alone don’t change minds. What does change minds is experience or hearing about someone’s experience. Now more than ever we need people to believe and trust science. Storytelling makes you more credible, relatable and believable and improves the impact of your work.

Who should participate?

We’re looking for German and American entrepreneurs and academics. If you’re a founder, scientist or researcher, even if young or early in your career, this workshop is for you.

What are the goals of the workshop?

  • Improve effectiveness of science and innovation
  • Bolster credibility of scientists through personal connection and relatability
  • Encourage networking between German and American thinkers

What will I learn?

  • Stories don’t belittle your important work; they amplify it.
  • Stories help audiences relate to and understand topics.
  • Storytelling can make your work more impactful.
  • Storytelling isn’t difficult; you’re doing it already.
  • There is a way to find the most useful stories in your work.
  • Science communication works differently in certain cultural contexts including in Germany and the U.S.

How do I register?

Email info[at] briefly explaining why you wish to learn to be a better science storyteller. Registration caps off at 60 participants, but DWIH NY will maintain a waitlist.

About the Host:

Solène Wolff is a Berlin-based content strategist, working across the fields of architecture, urban policy and sustainability. She is the co-founder and managing partner of PLANE–SITE, a content and communication agency focused on the built environment and its users, and Highvisioned, an environmental consultancy group. The DWIH NY got to know Solène in 2020 as one of twenty speakers at our FUTURE FORUM: Building Biopolis. Her storytelling describing a regenerative city of the future dropped our jaws, so when we decided to launch a project on science storytelling, she was our first pick to equip you with some of her skills.
Soléne Wolff

Event Information

June 15, 2021, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Organizer(s): German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York

Your Host in Action, An Example of Science as Story

Your Host in Action, An Example of Science as Story

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