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Today data is everywhere. But what does data really mean, and how can we extract real value from it in our daily lives? In this illustrated talk, information designer and Pentagram partner Giorgia Lupi discusses our new data reality and “data humanism,” her unique philosophy for understanding and working with data.

Surveying her diverse work over the last decade, Lupi introduces her distinctive approach to data visualization by looking at the human side of data and offers a look into the far-reaching applications of her work in data and design, from corporate to institutional to personal.

Giorgia Lupi encourages creatives (and non!) to harness data as a design tool while respecting human privacy and experience in their output.

Join us on Tuesday, June 22 at 4 PM EDT to hear from award-winning designer and artist Giorgia Lupi and learn to “Speak Data” with us!

About Giorgia:

Giorgia Lupi is an information designer and a Partner at Pentagram in New York. After receiving her master’s degree in architecture, she earned her PhD in design at Politecnico di Milano. In 2011, she co-founded Accurat, an internationally acclaimed data-driven design firm with offices in Milan and New York. She is co-author of Dear Data and the new interactive book Observe, Collect, Draw - A Visual Journal. Giorgia is also a public speaker, and her TED TALK on her humanistic approach to data has over one million views. She was named One of "Fast Company's" 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2018 and has distinctions from MIT Media Lab, the World Economic Forum and the Royal Society of Art. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.
Award-Winning Information Designer

Event Recording

Event Recording

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The web-talk and Q&A will be held online on Webex Meetings. The event is free, but registration  is required; a special access link to the meeting will be sent out the morning of the event. For help on how to join a Webex Meeting, see our step-by-step guide.

Summer Series: Visualize Your Research

This talk is part of the “Visualize Your Research” Series, an initiative by the German Centers for Research in New York and Tokyo.

Event Information

June 22, 2021, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Organizer(s): 1014, DWIH Tokyo, DWIH New York