The NighttimeLab at SXSW 2023

2023 03 14 SXSW Collage

Join the NighttimeLab program and connect with like-minded people worldwide to strengthen Austin’s diverse music culture!

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Are you passionate about the vibrant nightlife scene in Austin and want to explore ways to enhance it? Then, the NighttimeLab program, curated by Lauren Goshinski , was an excellent opportunity for you.

This program showcased the people, places, and movements that make Austin’s music culture unique while providing a chance to connect with like-minded individuals worldwide. Welcoming nighttime advocate, promoter, club owner, or industry professional looking to share your best practices and insights with Austin’s music communities. This collaborative event, organized by the German Centers for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York and San Francisco, German Haus, and VibeLab, helped participants explore how cities can strengthen diverse, independent music cultures.

Work example of VibeLab

Measuring “creative footprints” of cities like Montreal (Canada).

Program Info:

Presentations 4:00-5:30 pm
The Rise of Nighttime Governance and Why it Matters

How do communities & government work together to make a better city? This keynote session highlights examples from around the world and in Texas that have made a difference.

Roundtables 5:30-7.00 pm
Saving Space for Diverse Club Culture in Austin

Austin is known as the “live music capital” of the US. In this roundtable, we ask, “but for whom”? Local organizers share more about the diverse club & dance music scenes that call Austin home and how we can support them.

Workshop 7.00 pm- 8.30 pm
TRACKS TO BUILD TO: Co-Creating a Future Austin

Healthy music scenes and Urban Planning go hand-in-hand. How can we build a city overflowing with music and culture?

In this playful, hands-on workshop set to bumpin’ tunes, we invite everyone to co-create a future Austin, facilitated by award-winning community planners James Rojas & John Kamp.

Drinks 8.30 pm- 9 pm
Mentor Match Happy Hour

If you registered for our event, here’s a chance to meet people like-minded people leading the way in the nighttime sector! An opportunity to share a drink and chat during our happy hour to make a new connection.

Event Information

March 14, 2023, 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

German House at Parkside, 301 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701
Organizer(s): German Haus, VibeLab, DWIH New York, DWIH San Francisco