Delegation Visit Berlin University of the Arts May 2024

visit UDK New York May 2024 poster © UDK / DWIHNY

Is humanity changing technology or is technology changing humanity? In a joint project of the DWIH New York, the United Nations and the Klasse Kampagnen of the Berlin University of the Arts, a nuanced and critical dialog on the influence of technologies, especially AI, has been initiated.

Event Information

May 3 to 14, 2024

New York, NY
Organizer(s): Berlin University of the Arts

Collage of the delegation of the University of the Arts in New York

The class visited New York in May 2024 for the first conceptual work. The artistic and creative contributions from the entire project will be shown in an exhibition in New York in fall 2024.


Prof. Barbara Kotte
Gosia Warrink
Sebastian Herold
Paul Knop
Paula Hornickel
Kaja Funke
Qianxue Zhang
Dominic Gollanek
Fanny Ebeling
Julius Riek
Linus von Appen
Penelope Hehl
Alexandra Trinkl
Iuliia Volokhina
Julius Tiemann
Hannah Stöwe
Leon Hochhäuser
Momo Anders
Vincent Magier
Julia Vermöhlen
Anneli Dormann
Levy Yariv Lacy
Milli Keil