Networking Lunch Urban Health

Collage: 3 photos, 1 poster from the Networking Lunch "Urban Health"

“Urban Health” refers to the study and practice of promoting and protecting the health of urban populations. The networking lunch on May 3 brought together experts from Bielefeld University’s Medical School OWL, from the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH), the New York Academy of Medicine, the American Society of Landscape Architects and explored state-of-the-art projects and foster transatlantic exchange.

The purpose of the networking lunch was to discuss outlooks for a more comprehensive exchange between Urban Health experts on both sides of the Atlantic and was intended to put in motion an Urban Health meeting for a larger audience in cooperation with the DWIH New York in the coming year.

Event Information

May 3, 2023, 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

German House, New York City
Organizer(s): Campus OWL New York Office, Bielefeld University, DWIH New York