What to Expect

The DWIH Future Forum is an all-day event full of inspiring content, unique formats and great networking opportunities with regulators, tech representatives and scientific and social leaders alike. The Future Forum brings together German and American representatives of science, business, politics and society to address the relevant (people-centered) questions about our AI-based future

As an attendee you have the chance to meet the AI movers and thinkers as well as your future collaborators. The conference itself will inspire you to think about new ideas, question the hype and examine the status quo.

We are motivated to offer you new insights, perspectives and practical frameworks, as well as discussing new topics and AI’s challenges and opportunities for society.

The guiding question through which all conference activities will be processed is: how will AI affect people and communities? Keeping this in mind, however, other related questions quickly follow. Here are the questions we aim to explore:

  • What we mean when we say AI?
  • How do we talk about it?
  • How do we shape it?