Germany's First Ion-Trapped Quantum Computer

Quantum Factory GmbH is a Munich-based tech start-up using patent-pending key technology to develop Germany’s first universally applicable ion-trapped quantum computer.

Current quantum computers rely primarily on two technological bases: superconducting qubits and quantum annealers. These technologies still face engineering and technological barriers, and to work, the computers must be kept extremely cold. Changes in temperature or even the slightest vibration can upend the system, forcing calculation errors.

Quantum Factory’s ion trap-based quantum computers seek to overcome these obstacles. Quantum Factory’s computers will function at room temperature and use scientifically proven methods to scale an ion-trap computer to mass production.

Areas of application include pharmaceuticals and chemical companies making high-performance materials. Biochemical calculations can be easily done on an ion-trap quantum computer, enabling the targeted design of functional enzymes, the modeling of complicated chemical reactions and simulation of the design of entirely new molecules for medicinal use.

Quantum Factory was founded by the German quantum scientist Dr. Björn Stein and the Entrepreneur Gerrit Ellerwald as well as a team of distinguished scientists and experienced engineers well versed in the establishment of successful start-ups.

Quantum Factory is currently in talks with potential investors and the German government to complete their last funding round. Technological development is set to begin in 2019 with a prototype ready by 2023.