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Blickfeld gives autonomous systems the eyes to see the world by developing revolutionary scanning LiDAR systems and detection software for environment perception.

Countless innovations like autonomous transportation, mapping, robotics and smart cities are made possible by this Munich-based startup’s technology.

Blickfeld Founders

The company’s chief innovation is the Blickfeld Cube. Designed for autonomous navigation, HD mapping, and other LiDAR applications, the cube offers high scanning performance packed into the small size of about a credit card. The Blickfeld Cube is a solid-state LiDAR that has a wide field of view, long-range detection, and sunlight resilience.

In May 2019 Blickfeld teamed up with Japanese Koito Manufacturing, the leading global supplier of exterior automotive lighting. Together the two companies aim to develop LiDAR that can be fully integrated into a headlight. Such an innovation would enable automobile manufacturers to fully integrate LiDAR into vehicles, which would be a major development for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle systems (AV).

An example of what Blickfeld’s sensors allow cars to see