Terraloupe is a technology-driven AI company that uses aerial imagery to digitize the world.

Their core competence is the automatic recognition of objects in geo-images and the full digitalization of the outdoor environment via deep learning. The company was founded on the premise that understanding geo-image data could fundamentally improve decision making.

Terraloupe offers digital and automatic information about our environment—especially in the domains of buildings, roads, vegetation and infrastructure like powerlines and bridges. They are also developing the next geo-search and information engine for business, as well as providing analytics and reports in the areas of object recognition, change detection, classification of geo-information, and extraction of relevant structures. Additionally, they offers imagery solutions including high resolution image data, 2D-map and digital elevation modelling, interactive 3D visualization and environmental simulation.

One of the success factors for high object recognition performance is TerraData. TerraData is a data set that consists of large amounts of high quality, labeled data of different geographic regions, resolutions and object types. Leveraging this key resource of Terraloupe’s applications, their algorithm can achieve superior performances on diverse datasets.

The company serves insurance, automotive, and infrastructure industries. Terraloupe GmbH was founded in 2015 and is based in Munich.