Founded in 2015, the Hamburg-based start-up Cybus sells a software-based IIoT (industrial internet of things) gateway solution for managing the data flow between production machines, corporate IT systems and external IoT cloud platforms.

This “Connectware” product enables machines and entire factories to be efficiently connected to one or more external cloud services. Thanks to state-of-the-art data management, users always keep full control over their production data as a new digital asset. At the same time, service providers and machine builders use the software as a secure gateway for their customers.

The solution allows a detailed definition of the access rights to a machine’s data and the control of the data flow. This allows both machine manufacturers (OEMs) and machine operators to remain independent of the large IIoT platforms, build future-proof IT/OT data infrastructures and comply with upcoming cybersecurity standards such as the IEC 62443 standard for industrial communication networks.

Cybus has just announced the new Connectware release 0.35.0, which introduces a new MQTT middleware for even easier pre-processing and data filtering. Their goal is to make the interconnected digital economy of the future reality by making real-world data universally usable within and between organizations.