Based in Dresden and founded in 2017, Wandelbots is a startup dedicated to the human-centered programming of robots. Their work enables non-programmers to teach industrial robots more quickly and cheaply without writing a single line of code.

Programming industrial robots is a complex, time-consuming and expensive task because it must be done by experts. Also, every robotics firm uses its own software and operating system to run its machines.

Wandelbots simplifies this process with the help of smart clothing and teaching devices. With demonstration-based teaching, robots can be programmed without coding. No programming experience is necessary, and the time required to program robots is reduced drastically.

Using sensors attached to clothes or devices, the Wandelbots software tracks human motion to live-control industrial robots. By showing the robot how a certain task is performed, the concrete actions can be learned and automatically generated. The software builds a machine-learning model based on several demonstrations and generates automation workflows. These workflows can be refined and optimized with a software tool.

The generated processes are self-adaptive, so learned processes can automatically be used in dynamic environments. This adaptation includes automatic anomaly detection, process adaptation and MES-integration.

For more, visit http://www.wandelbots.com/