The aging population is one global megatrend of our time. There are currently 0.7 billion people 65 or older in the world. By 2100 it is predicted that number will be 2.5 billion.

Unfortunately, this aging population has been largely excluded from another megatrend: digitalization. Berlin-based startup Nepos aims to change that.

Nepos’s key development is the Ui+, the world’s first universal user interface, optimized for the 65+ generation. Ui+ is the world’s first unification of all interfaces on the Internet. The interface was developed with over 300 senior citizens in four long-term studies.

After four years of work, the Nepos user interface is available for all devices. Writing e-mails, listening to music, online shopping, transferring money – every process follows the same, easy-to-learn pattern. In this way, access to all internet services can be simplified without changing the content itself.

To Nepos, the exclusion of the elderly from the digital world has far-reaching consequences. Their services allow the 65+ generation to remain a part of society and the economy and to actively participate in digital, social interaction. They make important digital services, such as those provided by public and local authorities, accessible and efficient.

In Germany alone more than 13 million people can’t keep up with digital progress. Through an innovative, research-based method of simplification, Nepos is building the gateway between the elderly and the digital world.

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