Although physical fitness has long been considered central to a healthy lifestyle, brain training’s potential has not yet become cemented in the collective consciousness. NeuroNation aims to make people more aware of the importance of cognitive fitness.

Their interactive, digital test platform not only trains the brain, but also supports the diagnosis of cognitive impairments such as dementia. They are currently developing an integrated system for digitizing and standardizing the many cognitive assessments available to patients.

NeuroNation is based on scientific research begun at the FU Berlin. Cooperative studies with scientific partners continue today and allow NeuroNation to continuously incorporate the latest research findings into our exercises and courses. NeuroNation is currently working on over ten studies and participating in five clinical cooperations such as, for example, a tool for rehabilitation after stroke.

NeuroNation has brain training courses in four categories: memory, focus and concentration, logic and speed. These courses collectively provide more than fifty individual exercises for targeted brain training. The service claims to help users improve concentration, memory retention and cognitive speed. NeuroNation currently has more than 16 million users worldwide.

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