The Electric Car That Charges Itself

© Sono Motors

Founded in 2016 in Munich by Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians, Sono Motors aims to produce the first electric car that charges itself through the power of the sun. The Sion is a spacious electric car with a battery range of up to 250 kilometers (~155 miles) that charges itself through solar power.

The power lies in where you park it. Thanks to 248 solar cells inconspicuously integrated into the body, the Sion can generate up to 34 kilometers of additional battery range daily using only solar energy, making a daily commute possible with zero emissions and no electric charge. Using a new manufacturing process, the solar panels are perfectly adapted to the contours of the vehicle.

In one of the largest community funding campaigns in Europe, Sono Motors raised 53 million euros in 50 days to continue production and stay on schedule. The Sion is anticipated to arrive on the market in September 2021 and start at €25,500 (~$29,000). Over 12,000 buyers have already pre-ordered the car.

Beyond their innovations in solar technology, Sono Motors also is going to offer the goSono app, which allows novel methods of powerSharing, rideSharing and carSharing. With your smartphone you can offer other people electricity, a ride or your Sion.