The Plastic-Free Seal

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Since the 1990s, Germany has prided itself in clear, environmental packaging labels. The “Green Dot” program certifies for consumers that manufacturers contribute to the cost of recovery and recycling. But an up-and-coming company is spearheading the next revolution in environmentally-conscious labeling. Introducing Flustix.

Flustix is a seal which certifies plastic-free products. When a manufacturer wants the Flustix certification, its products, including their content and packaging, are tested for plastic contamination by Flustix. To be transparent and unbiased, products are tested a second time for their exact plastic content by an independent and unbiased laboratory, and the Flustix seal is awarded only by a separate license partner.

Only if both packaging and product are tested free of plastic will the product be awarded the Flustix seal. Testing can be done for goods produced and purchased worldwide. The seal has to be renewed every two years, and products are re-tested without knowledge of the manufacturer. Internally, the Flustix standard is reassessed repeatedly by an independent committee consisting of activists, the green lobby, and sustainable innovators on the market.

Flustix acknowledges plastics are absolutely vital in medicine and many areas. Rather than completely demonizing their use, they aspire for plastics to be seen as a precious resource that must be used responsibly and as little as possible. Flustix aims to reduce plastic waste and encourage industries to replace plastic with alternatives. By marking plastic-free products with the Flustix seal, every customer can make a conscious and sustainable buying-decision.

In 2019, Flustix was a finalist for the Green Alley Awards, Europe’s first award for the Circular Economy, based in Germany.