Vielfalt Verbindet. Diversity Unifies.

In June and July, the DWIH New York hosted #InclusiveResearchGermany on Twitter. Thirty amazing talents from startup founders to scientific researchers, professors and university administrators to policy advisors were featured as part of the campaign.

Presently Black and POC Germans, those with immigration backgrounds, LGBTQ folk, people with disabilities and women are making significant contributions to German science, technology, innovation and research. The DWIH New York commits to bring light to their critical but underrepresented work in our events and digital communications. As an institution tasked with promoting German science and research in the U.S. and fostering transatlantic knowledge diplomacy, the DWIH vows to work harder to present the full spectrum of German thought and innovation in the future.

The DWIH will continue to promote the diversity of German research and innovation on their Twitter. Future contributions and ideas for collaboration can be directed to jarred.johnson[at]

#InclusiveResearchGermany was a first step by the DWIH to publicly show its solidarity with minority scholars and reform its perspective on what German research looks like as well as the perspectives of its audience. The DWIH New York has created a resource folder on diversity and inclusion for its twenty supporting institutions, including further reading, a list of diverse experts in a wide range of topics in science and research, and a collection of diversity and inclusion consultants who can offer further support. The DWIH and DAAD New York completed a training on diversity and inclusion in October 2020 to continue to improve their work practices and ensure mindful growth in this area.

Vielfalt verbindent. Diversity unifies.

Cruise through our list of inspiring #InclusiveResearchGermany contributions below:

Wang, Bodi Integration PhD Student TU Dortmund
Zawadzki, Annika LGBT identities in workplace Partner Boston Consulting Group Cologne Office
Forslund, Sofia Human microbiome Group Leader Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
Penalba, Joshua Evolutionary Biology PhD Student LMU Munich
Tsokankunku, Anywhere Biogeochemistry Postdoc Max Planck Inst. for Chemistry
Aklilu, Tewodros Debebe Medical Microbiology Head of Science, Co-founder BIOMES
Kelly, Natasha A. Black Germans, filmmaking Academic Activist freelance artist, activist
Panagiotopoulou, Julie A. Diversity on campuses Professor of Human Sciences University of Cologne
Uslucan, Haci-Halil Integration Director, Center for Turkish Studies and Integration Research Uni Duisburg-Essen
Agrawal, Mridul Cancer, Medical Startups Co-founder iuvando Health GmBH
Mukherjee, Joybrato Educational Exchange President DAAD
Wagner, Ellen Diversity US and Germany Founder Cross Cultural Bridges
Adli, Aria Sociolinguistics Professor University of Cologne
Stefflbauer, Nakeema Women in Tech CEO
Sarem, Maleeka Biomedical Engineering Development Manager ReLive Therapeutics Inc.
Fink, Ellie Olfactory Neuroecology Co-Founder Talmond Foods
Fereidooni, Karim Racism in Education Junior Professor Ruhr Uni Bochum
Motsi-Khatai, Wadzanai Diversity in Entrepreneurship Founder Sangano Hub for Pan-African Wealth
Affana, Jean Paul Brice Climate Policy Policy Advisor German Watch
Rojas, Pablo David Biotechnology Growth Manager Lab Twin
Abonyi, Donald Chidera Energy Transformation Early-stage Researcher, Institute of Energy Economy and Application Technology TU Munich
Brückmann, Rebecca American South, race in US Professor of History Ruhr Uni Bochum
Gonzalez, Diana Alatriste Neurology PhD Student Charite Berlin
Apraku, Josephine African Studies Head Institut Für Diskriminierungsfreie Bildung
Tedla, Megda Nurtition Founder Magda’s Food Programme
Nadi, Sina Ramin Sadegh Entrepreneurship International Network Manager, Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer TU Dortmund