Shaping School Together

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In recent years, digital developments in education have become an increasingly important and pressing topic. Many educational institutions are in the early stages of digital learning and are beginning to implement new digital concepts. This is one of the reasons why Marina Weisband launched the project aula – Schule gemeinsam gestalten in 2014.

aula is an innovative digital education platform for modern, digital and political education which is complemented by an additional didactic manual. The project is organized by the politik-digital e.V. and supported by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. Schools, community or youth associations and other organizations can join and benefit from the online platform.

aula helps students actively participate and contribute to the design of their daily school routine or youth forums. For example, the students of participating schools receive an account and can log in to the aula-platform. Here they can post, discuss, design and vote on their own individual ideas for their education. Whoever develops good and feasible proposals can actively change school life. The ideas of the participants can cover nearly any topic. Examples of ideas include the implementation of a smartphone day, the modernization of a computer laboratory or the change of a meal plan.

The objective of this educational project is to link competences and promote compromises and discussions, while ensuring minority protection and anti-discrimination. Additionally, the use of digital media and related tools is being promoted by this educational project. Both students and teachers are prepared for and supported in their handling of new digital technologies and concepts.

The project demonstrates what the future of digital learning can look like and how digital learning can be democratic and implemented in an everyday school routine.

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