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A recap of our first-ever hybrid event, the FUTURE FORUM: Before After | October 14-15, 2021 in Chicago and online.

Not unlike 2020, 2021 at the German Center for Research and Innovation has been full of unprecedented happenings: firsts-of-a-kind of event formats, partnerships, and a couple of new team members to boot. Going with this trend, this year’s FUTURE FORUM focused on stories of the tipping point and visions for the future, harnessing our three key movements of pivot, propel, and create to produce a new kind of conference.

Over the course of 1.5 days, we met in person and online to exchange, engage, and reflect on what the next normal might look like. In doing so, we came together across disciplines and sectors, creating a framework for sharing our collective stories of both the pandemic and the now: the current moment just before after, the tipping point at which change is actively being set into motion.

This year’s FUTURE FORUM was conceived of as a hybrid event, offering participants the ability to attend virtually as well as in Chicago. Through interactive workshops and innovation spotlights, our audience came together from around the globe, both physically and digitally, to hear the insights and outlooks of invited experts.

Livestream recordings of our entire program and impressions from the 1.5 days in Chicago will be made available in the coming days (link forthcoming via our social media channels). Check out the full gallery of photos here.

After 20 months of living within the pandemic, we were excited to meet once again in a fused-format of both in-person, as well as online, programming. The FUTURE FORUM: Before After was an unforgettable opportunity to closely examine newfound frameworks for creating and integrating hybrid models of living, working, and learning.

We at DWIH New York thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your participation in this year’s singular FUTURE FORUM. We hope you stay in touch via our newsletter and social media channels — Twitter and LinkedIn— as we round out the year with more programming, engagement, and opportunities for transatlantic partnerships and growth.