Five Questions for Alamir Mohsen

Headshot Alamir Mohsen on DWIH background template (New York Skyline)

The DWIH New York had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Alamir Mohsen, founder of Lithium Designers GmbH, a German startup in the field of architectural and facade planning services, which just celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Hello Alamir, tell us a bit about your life trajectory and your career that led to founding Lithium Designers.

My Name is Alamir, and I always dreamt of being an architect. I started studying architecture at 16 and graduated with a degree in Architecture at age 21. After collecting enough experience in planning projects worldwide, I recognized that architectural planning needs a revolution. There is a known gap between engineers and architects, and I saw the potential to close that gap and offer the world a new way to present a new era of architectural designs. Through my Ph.D. studies, I came up with the idea to inaugurate Lithium Designers and bring our vision into the market.

What services and products does the company offer, what makes it innovative?

We, at Li3Designers, specialize in offering architectural and facade planning services that encompass parametric 3D modeling, detailed development, digital component generation, and construction supervision.

Our business idea relies on the utilization of two cutting-edge technologies. Firstly, we harness the immense computing power of modern high-performance computers, coupled with state-of-the-art 3D modeling and calculation software. This combination allows us to streamline the intricate planning processes by implementing our in-house developed software, Li3M, specifically designed for free-form facades. It automates complex planning tasks, making them more efficient and accurate.

Secondly, we leverage the capabilities of advanced 3D printers for metallic 3D printing. This technology enables us to produce nodes (N-AM_Li3) in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. 3D printing eliminates the need for producing individual components separately, as it can create virtually any geometry with ease. Our research indicates that the material strengths of metals produced through selective laser melting surpass those of conventionally produced construction steel or aluminum alloys.

At Li3Designers, we combine these technologies to provide innovative and high-quality solutions for architectural and facade planning projects.

In September 2022, you participated in the “STEP USA University Program” funded by the DWIH New York and executed by the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) in New York. Afterwards, you published a great article about your experience. Could you tell our readers a bit more about your impressions, especially now that some time has passed since? What led to your decision to apply for the program and what did you take away from the program? Do you currently have plans to expand internationally?

Participating in the STEP USA program was a truly remarkable experience for us, as it provided us with invaluable insights into the possibilities of international expansion. It was an eye-opening opportunity that allowed us to witness and experience firsthand the acceptance and appreciation of our work on an international scale.

When we first learned about the program, we immediately recognized the importance of participating and gaining more knowledge about the hows and whys of global expansion. It sparked a sense of necessity within us to explore this avenue as one of the best ways to foster business growth.

As a result, we have incorporated international expansion into our business model, and we are dedicated to making it a reality in the coming years. We understand the significance of reaching new markets and tapping into the global potential that exists beyond our current boundaries. With the motivation and insights gained from the STEP USA program, we are actively working towards achieving this goal.

By embracing international expansion, we aim to expand our reach, connect with diverse audiences, and seize new opportunities for growth and success. We are committed to making our business thrive in the global arena, driven by the belief that expanding internationally is a key strategy for long-term success..

On its website, Lithium Designers has a subpage solely dedicated to awards – could you share which one or two mean the most to you or have given your company most exposure?

In the past few years, we have been honored to receive more than 16 prestigious awards, recognizing our achievements and contributions. Among these accolades, the Kultur-Kreative Piloten Germany in 2019 holds a special place as one of our initial awards. It provided us with significant visibility and valuable coaching, propelling us forward.

Furthermore, the Frankfurter Founder Award in 2020 and the Hessian Founder Award in 2022 are two highly esteemed recognitions that specifically aim to support innovative young startups. Being recipients of these respected awards has not only boosted our reputation but also highlighted our commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

These awards serve as a testament to our dedication, hard work, and the quality of our services. We are proud to have been acknowledged by industry experts and organizations for our achievements, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

What tips can you give other young innovators like yourself who are thinking about founding their own startup?

The process of pursuing your vision and idea, especially when it involves international expansion, can indeed be challenging and complex. It requires perseverance, trust, and a strong belief in your work. However, if you have unwavering faith in your vision, it is crucial to hold onto it.

It’s important to acknowledge that the journey may have its ups and downs, and there will be times when things may seem uncertain or difficult. However, by staying resilient and maintaining a steadfast commitment to your goals, you can navigate through the shaky periods.

During this journey, you may encounter obstacles, face setbacks, or encounter unexpected hurdles. But it is precisely during these challenging times that your determination and belief in your work will be put to the test. By staying focused, adapting when necessary, and persisting despite the difficulties, you increase the chances of achieving a better and brighter future.

Remember, great achievements often come with perseverance and the willingness to overcome obstacles. Trust in your abilities, hold onto your vision, and remain dedicated to your work. With time and effort, you can overcome the challenges and pave the way for a successful and rewarding future.