Recycling. Just More Efficient.

A majority of consumer goods are made up of high-tech polymers, but the lifespan of these polymers is steadily decreasing, and the possibilities of recycling them are limited. The increasing volume of plastic waste worldwide represents a major environmental challenge, and the elimination of end-of-use plastics is a key to developing an efficient closed-loop economy.

RECENSO, a recycling and energy-solutions company based in Remscheid, Germany, has developed a chemical recycling process known as CTC (Catalytic Tribochemical Conversion) that converts mixed plastics into a universally-usable hydrocarbon liquid. This liquid can be used as either fuel for energy purposes or as secondary raw material in the chemical/petrochemical industry.

Together with its partners including BASF, RECENSO has created the world’s largest pilot plant for the application of CTC. The design complies with international standards for industrial applications and is used for the testing and further development of the process in Germany. This pilot plant is one of the most advanced, cutting-edge applications worldwide. Pilot packaging products including mozzarella packaging, refrigerator components and insulation panels have already been created.

Building on its experience in direct oiling of plastic waste, RECENSO is working on the application of CTC technology for agricultural biomass, not just plastics.