The Biden Presidency and International Science

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DWIH New York Director Benedikt Brisch reflects on the incoming Biden/Harris Administration and the outlook for German-American exchange in science and research.

Across all aspects of society, folks are projecting what President Biden and his Administration might mean for their work, lives and communities. The same goes for representatives of research, industry and international exchange including the DWIH New York.

"A new administration has been elected that gives science and openness top priority, that wishes to welcome top talents to US universities."
Director Benedikt Brisch

On Monday, January 18, DWIH Director Benedikt Brisch, also Director of the DAAD New York Office, spoke in an expert discussion hosted by the DAAD on “Joe Biden – President for Science? New Perspectives on Transatlantic Scientific Relations.”

Director Brisch was also featured in German press coverage by the DAAD and in a radio interview (in German) with Deutschlandfunk where he discussed the next four years of science relations.

Watch a recording of the expert discussion in German below:

Watch a recording of the expert discussion in German below:

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