Mixed Reality, Holomedicine and the Future of Healthcare

Mixed- and augmented reality have come a long way since Pokémon Go. These technologies, which overlay digital content on top of physical reality, are now being used in fields as varied as retail, tourism, medicine and education.

One of the leaders in the field of augmented reality in medicine is the German company ApoQlar, which develops a medical software that supports physicians during surgeries and aids in telemedicine and education. Their Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) software renders images including MRI and CT images in 3D and can register 3D images directly on patients, improving accuracy and accessibility in surgery. The images can be controlled with gestures and speech commands. This innovative technology is called Holomedicine.

Besides uses for physicians, ApoQlar’s holomedical technology is also useful in educating students and patients. All anatomical details and structures are displayed in 3D, and users can rotate, cut and dive into the visualizations. Instructors can use ApoQlar’s VSI to show different surgical approaches quickly, reliably and realistically.

ApoQlar is based in Hamburg and is a 2020 Healthcare Partner of the Year Finalist as named by Microsoft.

Find out more at: https://vsi.health/en/